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Shipments of orders can be processed either with the transport company or courier which you collaborate with (both for Greece and Cyprus), or with the transport companies we recommend. Specifically:

Transport "BELHEHAS" for Athens (daily shipping).

Transport "KASAPIS" for Thessaloniki (shipment from Monday to Thursday).


The charges for the transport company "BELEHAS" are:

• 26,50 € per pallet (each pallet contains 10 boxes or more)

• 2,60 € per box  

The charges for the transport company "KASAPIS" are:

• 28,00 € per pallet (each pallet contains 10 boxes or more)

• 2,80€ per box


*The above prices do not include VAT.


NOTE: Regardless of the choice of the shipping company (cooperating with you or proposed by us) the shipping costs are borne by the customer and charged by the shipping company after the proof of payment of the order. For any clarification regarding the transfer charging, you can contact the transport company you have chosen.

For shipments outside Athens with our carrier, you will have the option to transfer the order to a cooperating transport company (valid for Greece and Cyprus). In this case, you will need to supply the following information about the company that will be doing the upload:

1) Name of the company

2) Address of the company

3) Region & zip code

4) Contact Number



The execution of your order and the delivery of the products will take place within two (2) working days for Greece and within five (5) working days for Cyprus, by the moment we receive the prepayment of your order. Where needed, delivery times will be announced on the corresponding page of each product. In cases where the amount of orders does not allow us to meet the above schedule, you will receive information about its redefinition.



The ownership of the product is transferred and the risk shifts after the full payment of the order.

In case of delivery of any order with obvious damages during transportation, please, immediately claim these damages from the delivery company. Our company bears no responsibility for possible damages during transportation. However, you can also contact us in order for us to validate our claims against the carrier.