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Deliveries can be handled by the transport company or courier you are working with, both for Greece and Cyprus.


You can also choose the transport companies we cooperate with, namely Belehas for Athens and Kassapis for Thessaloniki (shipping every Wednesday and Thursday).

For shipments outside Athens with our carrier, you will have the option to upload the order. In this case, you will need to enter the following information regarding the shipping company (for Greece & Cyprus) that will make the upload:

1) Name of the company

2) Αdress of the company

3) Area & postcode

4) Contact phone number

Charges for Belehas carrier are € 25.00 per pallet. The pallet will be of 10 boxes or more.

Charges for Kassapis carrier are € 28.00 per pallet. The pallet will be of 11 boxes or more.

Charges for our carriers in Greece per single box are € 2.50.



The delivery of your order will take place within two (2) working days for Greece and within five (5) working days for Cyprus, once we receive your order deposit. Exceptional delivery times, as appropriate, will be announced on the corresponding page of each product. In cases where the volume of orders does not allow us to meet the above schedule, you will receive from us an update to redefine it.

We reserve the right to make some deliveries at our own expense if we don't have all the products of your order in storage and to the extent that is reasonable for you.

The ownership of the product is transferred and the risk shifted after full payment has occurred.

In case any order is delivered with obvious damages incurred during transport, please claim these damages immediately from the delivery company and contact us as soon as possible via e-mail at sales@brewspecialists.gr .

Failure to file a complaint or notify us in a timely manner will not infringe on your statutory rights. However, it will help us validate our own claims toward the carrier and/or transport insurance.