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Brew Specialists

“Brew Specialists” company is a direct and fast online solution for professionals who want to organize or enhance their professional equipment.  Through a strong team of people with expertise and years of experience in the field, our company provides products, training and equipment management programs, as well as service services. Small and large enterprises, both in Greece and Cyprus, have the ability to buy coffee, tea supplies and professional equipment with the signature of the largest companies in the sector.

Having to our credit partnerships with the most powerful brands such as HARIO, ACAIA, ASOBU, AEROPRESS, CHEMEX, TOP MOKA, CAFFETO, KAFFEEFORM, LIFEGREEN, ECOFFEE CUP, MELITTA, PALLO, TODDY, MARCO, we provide a wide range of products with a main focus on quality and response in the best possible way to our customers’ needs.


While constantly investing in new products and innovations, we create relationships of trust by providing exclusive products to you, offering you complete solutions with professionalism and responsibility.


We are always at your disposal.

The team of Brew Specialists.


For more information, please contact: sales@brewspecialists.gr